The Fourth Annual Gnome Games


The Fourth Annual Gnome Games was held on the 6th May 2018 at Shay’s Farm in Cheshire. A glorious sunny weekend full of fun and frolics and gnome related fun.

The weekend kicked off with the now customary Friday night pub event to welcome the campers to the area and also for a nice chillaxing evening for the locals.

On Saturday we celebrated Geocaching Coming of Age which coincided with the publication of some new caches by the pesky Cheshire Gnome Trust (Which everyone in the Gnome Games team categorically denies being – we have our suspicions though….)

Sunday was the day of the games which saw a large number of participants entering into the spirit of the games with the Welly Wanging tournament, Snowshoe Sprint, Beach Ball run and Flowerpot Relay amongst others.


After taking a strong early lead the Red team were outdone in the final event by the Blues who took a last gasp victory which all came down to the last flowerpot! The yellows took a creditable number of points but couldn’t quite match the other teams.



This year we also introduced our pseudo lab caches. We developed 4 day time and 4 night time puzzles with a variety of themes and solutions which led to a physical container with a combination lock. These have now been published as caches with which a hard earned smiley can be claimed. Gnome Search and A Mammoth Cache.

It was a fantastic day and great to see the Yorkshire Mega, Aberdeen Mega and Geolympix teams coming along for the weekend.

And of course, no Gnome Games would be complete without a visit from Kevin our trusty roving mascot who absconded from his Mummy and Daddy soon after last year’s event.


The Gnome Games weekend was rounded off with our CITO event at the Mid Cheshire Society of Model Engineers miniature railway at Blakemere craft centre.

The CITO involved helping the team with infrastructure improvements and preparations. These included digging a big hole for a viaduct to be installed, digging a trench for new signalling and water pipes, laying the pipes and re-covering them, sorting bricks and rubble, painting girders and raised railway supports, all in all a very busy day which the MCSME are incredibly grateful.